What We Do

Whether you are starting a new business in need of a license or managing your existing license, Liff, Walsh & Simmons provides clients with guidance and representation before local, state, and federal issuing agencies.

How We Do It

We have obtained and advised on:

  • alcoholic beverage licenses,*

  • brewing and distributor licenses,

  • professional licenses,

  • SDAT appeals,

  • eminent domain compensation,

  • transportation licenses,

  • catering licenses,

  • building and grading permits,

  • and various other permit approvals.

From applications to appeals and defense against alleged violations, we are here to assist our clients in navigating the administrative process.

*A note on Anne Arundel County:  We presently are unable to assist with requests that would conflict with Harry C. Blumenthal’s duties as counsel to the Anne Arundel County Board of License Commissioners (“Liquor Board”). Mr. Blumenthal remains available for consultation concerning statutory interpretation and general matters of licensing jurisprudence to the extent that he customarily provides same to the general public, but cannot provide advice regarding any matter which has not yet been decided or adjudicated by the Liquor Board.