On December 10, 2020, Governor Larry Hogan announced a series of additional COVID-19 health and economic relief initiatives, headlined by the Governor’s plan to forgive of $75 million in small business loans. To forgive the small business debt, Governor Hogan announced that he has directed the Maryland Department of Commerce to take immediate action to convert the loans to grants, which will not need to be repaid.


The small business loans were originally provided in March as part of the State’s first round of economic relief. Thursday’s additional health and economic relief measures come as Maryland continues to experience a state-wide surge in COVID-19 rates that have caused multiple counties to reinstitute lower occupancy restrictions upon small businesses and retailers, as well as indoor and outdoor dining bans for restaurants.


Read the Office of the Governor’s complete list of COVID-19 health and economic relief initiatives here.


As the COVID-19 pandemic endures, the attorneys at Liff, Walsh & Simmons will continue to monitor Maryland’s legislature, executive office, and courts for guidance on how to manage residential and commercial lease disputes. Please contact any attorney at Liff, Walsh & Simmons should you need a review of any of your leases in anticipation of potential disputes.


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