You may be surprised to learn that there is no guaranty that contract disputes involving Maryland residents will be governed by Maryland law. A contract may specify that disputes will be governed by another State’s law. Additionally, if a contract does not specify any governing law, Maryland courts may apply the law of the State where the contract was formed. As a result, it is critical to determine what law will actually be applied to resolve any contractual issues prior to filing a claim.

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James Crossan

James Crossan

Jim is a civil litigator and business lawyer who serves as the Director of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. He applies an in-depth knowledge of litigation and critical decision-making skills to foster and create effective working relationships with his clients. Jim’s practice focuses on contract disputes and he works directly with individuals and corporate entities in a wide range of civil matters including construction, real estate, estates and trusts, and banking and finance. Contact Jim at or (443) 569-7264.

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